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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Spanking - The Rap

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NTO Communications: "Caught Sneaking Out"

Draco has been grounded and ordered to stay in his bedroom.  But determined to get out to see his friends he crawls out the window and caught sneaking out.

  Marched back into the house for a stern lecture, rigorous  spanking on briefs and bare butt.

 Then a sound spanking with a wooden hair brush.

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

MancSpank: The Landlord. Where's The Rent Money ?

MancSpank is back with  

Danny boy is living with his flat mate Aaron, partying, smoking weed and spending the rent money getting pissed, but never has enough funds left at the end of the month to pay the rent Well the Landlord has had enough and decides to pay a visit Danny who answers the door to the stern Landlord who comes in and demands the rent money which they have not got.

A furious Landlord Stuart, then takes matter in hands and throws Danny boy over his knee for a rapid fire spanking over his jeans

but deciding there is to much protection the jeans and underpants are taken down and Danny screams for him to stop as the hard spanking continues bare bottom

The same thing applies to Aaron until the Landlord tells them they stink and orders them to take a shower. Once upstairs pissed off Aaron, forces Danny boy to his kness and makes him suck his 10 inch cock 

Once showered the boys are summoned downstairs and made to strip and are put over the leather bound desk for a damn good strapping with a leather paddle

The landord leaves saying he gives them 2 weeks to come up with the money or he will be back and they will get twice the punishment. 

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BBFC: Mik's Punishment


These guys start to take things for granted, they are late or unreliable, they get truculent and difficult and there comes a point at which it has to stop! In this first of a series of punishment clips Mik is shown the error of his ways.  
 Caught smoking and late for a shoot he is marched back to the apartment and taught a lesson he wont forget in a hurry. 

First he gets a hard OTK to warm him up then the cane to add some zip. 

The paddle is next and the wide strap - which makes some lovely marks.


Finishing off with the brush OTK that makes him yelp and kick. 

One well blistered ass and one lad taught to respect his elders. 25 minutes of bum burning spanking


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