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Thursday, 24 July 2014

East Europe Boys Clips (Part 2)

This week's second update from regular contributor East Europe Boys, links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.  

Michal is ready for another severe punishment session and presents to master the wooden paddles to be used for his punishment. His master punishes him with the wooden paddles over his knee, first on his pants, then bare butt and thighs. This really is a short sharp shock for Michal. The first few strokes with the paddle hit the mark and make him tense up, and he gets more and more animated as the strokes get harder and harder. The paddling is followed by a vigorous hand spanking on the front thighs


0138 army
The sergeant wants to test the strength of the soldier Christian, and orders him to do pushups on his knees, first in uniform, and then naked while being flogged with a leather strap.


Petr is in trouble again, and the master punishes him again, before with leather short strap on the bare feet. Then after performing physical exercises, Petr receives a vigorous spanking by hand over the master's knee.


Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

BBFC: Ben on th Sofa

Tony From BBFC describes their mid-week update:

"This is a request clip for GT in Nevada who remembers this stress position from the past. Ben comes in naked and is told to position himself with his feet on the back of the sofa and his hands on the floor. This means as he tries to stay in position his ass muscles tighten and the swat hurt that bit extra. Using the ping pong bat for maximum coverage it seems that this is true as Ben jerks his head up and down at each impact, watch closely and you can see his buns quivering as the position takes its toll. The random pattern of swats keeps him in a state of tension as well. An unusual position but one that should be used again



Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights

Jim Scorpio - Computer Art

 Here is some more photo manipulation by Jim Scorpio reproduced with the permission of Sting Pictures

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sting: Video Trailer for Approved Education 9

 Scroll Down to view the Preview Trailer for Approved Education Part 9 starring Leonardo King, Brad, Daniel Fliesh, Marco and introducing Kenny White  

High Definition pictures and the storyline can be viewed here


View the preview trailer Online

Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen - See illustration below)

Links provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual ownership

NTO Communications "Conduct Unbecoming" - at JockSpank 2

The latest release by NTO Communications is "Conduct Unbecoming" - as this movie features mature actors who do not meet the definition of Jocks and are therefore off topic for JockSpank, the pictures and links, including a link to a preview video, have been posted to out back up blog "JockSpank II" and can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Monday, 21 July 2014

CP4Men: Rugby Rascal's Reprimand! - Featuring Pavel

CP4Men: Some rugby players play the game and are true sportsmen to the end. Pavel's problem is that he constantly brings the game into disrepute but not playing the game! Coach has had enough and has promised Pavel a sharp shock to his buttocks! over the knee he goes and gets spanked on shorts underwear then bare,. The coach finishes of with a beach ball bat with good effect!


Video Trailer

Links provided to respect the intellectual property of CP4Men