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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hector's First Spanking

Hector's First Spanking

This is Hector's first ever spanking video First contact video! but features a long, hard spanking/paddling. Hector is a 20-year-old straight boy who needs money to pay for college. He wanted to do a video, so he contacted Tom at Spanking Straight Boys. 
Tom may have given Hector more than he bargained for, he goes at Hector with his hand, a small oak paddle, leather slapper and a bamboo spatula.  The video ends with a severe round with the bamboo spatula that has Hector groaning, kicking and cursing.

It seems like Hector struggles with what his reaction to the spanking should be. Tom doesn't coach the boys, so what you see is either how Hector wants to appear, or how he thinks Tom wants him to react. He is in pain, but it seems like he is trying to pretend he isn't.

By the end of the video, as the pain takes over, you see Hector's true reaction. After the shoot was over, Hector told Tom that he was ready to walk out just a few minutes into the video because it hurt so much. But he needed the money for tuition and books, so he stuck it out. 


Video Preview

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Spanking Central - (Liam) Tardy in Trouble

 At Spanking Central: Liam is called to the coach's office for discipline after being repeatedly late to class.


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Birch Dancing?

 Oscar Hart reacts to the birch in The Birching Block!

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Fraser - Leather Strap - 36 Lashes

Fraser is resigned to his fate and assumes the position! he is facing 36 lashes from the Leather Flogger!

12 over his jeans - 12 over his underwear - 12 over his bare bottom

The different camera angles capture every moment of Fraser's discomfort as the Leather Strap hits its mark!


Now drop the pants!

Back against the wall!

Mouse Spank Fraser's sore, spanked bottom or CLICK HERE to visit 
Straight Lads Spanked

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This Week's first update from East Europe Boys

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The master continued to punish his guy with a riding crop, followed by a vigorous and painful spanking by hand, ever lying on the bed, while the master pulls his ear. After the punishment, Lukas thanks his master and returns to work.


MAREK TO. (part 1)
After the punishment of Tomas, the master wants to severely punish the older brother Marek. The master makes him to strip down and his ass is spanked, for the first time for him, with the wooden paddle, and he gets more and more animated as the strokes get harder . Then receives a good spanking by hand.


Roman is a bad boy and he was sentenced to a harsh punishment. After first being stripped naked in front of his master, Roman is severely punished with the cane, and then subsequently spanked with a heavy hand, lying on the bed, while the master pulls his ear.


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